Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NodeJs : Create A Basic Html Server Using Simple File Read Operation

NodeJs : Create A Basic Html Server Using Simple File Read Operation

Here, I would like to implement a server which is read static html file and rendering other items like css, javascript and images to the client (browser you are using). To do this, I am going to use "Asynchronous File Read Operation". Because of my knowledge, I would believe NodeJs, only allow another task when it busy with file Read/Write operation. Here I’m going with this asynchronous operation to make NodeJs effective. To know more about NodeJs file system click here .

And I want to my server also handle "File Not Found". Here I have showed my folder/directory structure in my xp system.

And following code has written in index.js located in the path "C:/…./htmlserver/folder".

And index.html looks like as follows,

And styles.css is

Here styles_1.css 

Why I'm writing the css in different file means just I want my server to handle multiple and different browser request. In the above index.html I have include nonexisting.js "script" tag because just I would like to setup my server to handle 404 error also. See following figure, there is no ".js" file in js folder.

There is a file page_404.html. I use this whenever invalid page request hit my server.


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