Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NodeJs - Extract Keys from Memcache Server

Let's see how to extract keys from memcache server. And I have done a modification in Arnout Kazemier’s simple_cachedump.js and then improved the NodeJs responses by prior calculation of available number of keys.


Note: Please write your queries and suggestion as comment.


  1. Worked for me, except I had to make sure to parse the stats and itemSet[stats].number to int first otherwise memcached returned an error concerning an incorrect slab id format. I made the following change

    memcached.cachedump(itemSet.server, parseInt(stats),
    parseInt(itemSet[stats].number), function(err, response) {

  2. Thanks...worked for me ..But I have one doubt in cachedump
    when I hit my url to get all keys the same keys are coming as twice instead of 200 it gives 400 keys.Why this happens to me?

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    2. Ideally, it won't possible to happen like. Because, Memcache is working as key-value pair. I guess, you have problem in your code. It may happens that your variable is not cleared.